POE (포)

I’ve been watching KBS’s Top Band, a reality competition show for bands. One band that caught my attention was Poe. It turns out they already have an EP and also appeared on EBS’s “Hello Rookie” series, so they are not quite as amateur as some of the other contestants – but hey, Broken Valentine is allowed to compete on the show. The Top Band appearance has given Poe wider exposure than their EBS or Pentaport Rock Festival appearances. There is continuing concern by the judges and coaches on the show about their “popular appeal,” but nobody denies their musical talent.

Personally I prefer the band’s look during their Hello Rookie appearance than the current one on Top Band. The band also appears more confident in their 2010 Hello Rookie performances than they have been on Top Band so far. I wonder if this is due to the change in drummers. Their Top Band coach kept critiquing their drummer in this week’s episode, although he was sympathetic about it.

Poe – “Paper cup” “Take It Easy”

Poe – “Take It Easy” + interview + “Catch the Dark”

Poe “Paper Cup” on Top Band

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  1. dallas says:

    you have a very good point, i can see what youre talking about with the differences in their performance and confidence.i really like poe, every song they played on topband gave me chills. do you know where i could find their ep or even download some of their songs. thnx

  2. little sun says:

    just go here: http://315360.blogspot.com/2011/05/burnout-poe.html . Click at the pic and it will forwarded you to a mediafire site. Then just download.. the full tract of POE burnout..

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