superdrive / Junø Kang – “IT”

More electronica, this time from superdrive aka Junø Kang:

IT by superdrive

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Yoon Sang (윤상) – 질주 (Feat.아스트로비츠 Astrobits)

Yoon Sang reworks an old track of his:

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Kayip – Across (feat. Yi Sung Yol)

Putting it up here because I haven’t been able to get it out of my head for the past couple of days. From Kayip’s Theory of Everything album that came out last year.

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CLAZZI(클래지) new single – “LOVE&HATE”

CLAZZI from Clazziquai Project has an album out, and this is the second single, featuring 이승열 (Yi Sung Yol) and rapper MYK. This single has definitely sold me on the album.

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Eniac (에니악) new single – “Love Again”

The full MV is finally out, after teasing us for nearly a month.

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Saying goodbye to 2011 with 안녕바다(Bye Bye Sea)

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Glen Check podcast

Glen Check has a podccast up on their site. You could download it and just listen to the audio, but the accompanying still images are goofy fun.

Q: What kind of band is Glen Check?
A: Glen Check is a penniless band.

And hey, they name check Gary Numan!

[Update 2012-02-02: Glen Check’s website is currently under construction and so the podcasts are unavailable from their site. But, they are available on Vimeo: Podcast #1, Podcast #2]

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nuevo tango coreano

고상지 (Koh Sang-ji) is quite a character, at least from this 10 Asia interview. She dropped out of KAIST and studied the bandoneón in Japan and Argentina. She was recently in the media spotlight because of her participation in Jung Jae-hyung and Jung Hyung-don’s track for the show 무한도전 (Infinity Challenge).

콘(KoN) refers to himself as a “Nuevo Gypsy Violinist.” In addition to his violin performances he has been appearing on stage in musicals.

La Ventana are labelmates of Eniac, covered previously on this blog.

All the performances below are from EstheroKr‘s YouTube channel.

고상지 + 콘(KoN) – Liber Tango [110522 벨로주]

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POE (포)

I’ve been watching KBS’s Top Band, a reality competition show for bands. One band that caught my attention was Poe. It turns out they already have an EP and also appeared on EBS’s “Hello Rookie” series, so they are not quite as amateur as some of the other contestants – but hey, Broken Valentine is allowed to compete on the show. The Top Band appearance has given Poe wider exposure than their EBS or Pentaport Rock Festival appearances. There is continuing concern by the judges and coaches on the show about their “popular appeal,” but nobody denies their musical talent.

Personally I prefer the band’s look during their Hello Rookie appearance than the current one on Top Band. The band also appears more confident in their 2010 Hello Rookie performances than they have been on Top Band so far. I wonder if this is due to the change in drummers. Their Top Band coach kept critiquing their drummer in this week’s episode, although he was sympathetic about it.

Poe – “Paper cup” “Take It Easy”

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New song from Glen Check – 60’s Cardin

Apparently they’re down to a duo for the moment, as they’re looking for a drummer. The drummer from Sugar Donut is the guest drummer in this performance:

More songs and pictures from the performance are on Naver On Stage.

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